Greg Raths' Family picture - California’s 45th Congressional District
Economic Opportunity
The government is responsible for today’s diminished American economy.

I will fight against any attempt to prevent our local economies and businesses from flourishing. It’s time to deregulate, lower taxes including eliminating the gas tax, cut spending, and create an economic environment that encourages prosperity.

Law and Order
Put victims and families first, not criminals.

I will always support our law enforcement and robust public safety efforts. I’ll vocally oppose any effort to defund our police – you can count on it. As Mayor of Mission Viejo, we decreased violent crime by 27%.

I’ll take this proven track record with me to Congress.


National Security
The Biden Administration has made us less safe. They have put American lives at risk.

It takes a combat veteran to hold them accountable and restore America’s position in the world.

I will take a hard stance against the Chinese Communist Party, I’ll support Israel, and ensure our borders are secure.

Personal Freedom
As a decorated combat fighter pilot, I fought to protect the freedoms and liberties of all Americans.

Today, these rights are being deteriorated by spineless career politicians.

I will fight to restore the Bill of Rights, and medical freedom of all Americans.

My oath did not end when I left the Marine Corps.

Greg Raths

Parental Rights
I will fight tirelessly to restore parental rights in education and medical decisions for children. Washington D.C. has no business telling us here, in Orange County how to educate our children.

I will remain resolute in my efforts to provide parents with greater control over their children’s future.

Election Integrity
Despite what some, even in our party, want to believe – our Nation’s election integrity is a serious issue.

In Congress, I will support measures to restore integrity in our elections. This includes, required voter ID, frequent cleaning of voter rolls, signature matching, and the prohibition of ballot harvesting.

I’ll even work with California’s state leaders to permanently end the current vote-by-mail system.