Safety, Security & Supporting Law Enforcement


Orange County attracts people from all over the world because of its high-quality standard of living, safety, robust economy, great schools and family friendly communities. What keeps our neighborhoods vibrant and safe are the strong, well-funded, and well-equipped law enforcement that has developed trust with the members of the community.

As your next Supervisor, I will prioritize our brave men and women in law enforcement by ensuring they have the proper support, funding, equipment and training to continue keeping our communities safe.




As Orange County’s population continues to grow, it is the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors to continue to modernize our infrastructure. As your supervisor, I will make sure that our communities will continue to have safe and secure bridges, roads, sand replenishment for our beaches, state of the art facilities for John Wayne Airport and various other structural needs for our county.

Fiscal Responsibility


During my time on the Mission Viejo City Council, I have prioritized keeping a balanced budget and making sure that my constituents tax money is spent wisely.

As your next Supervisor, I will make sure that Orange County has a balanced budget. Ensuring that our residents have access to the resources they need while safeguarding taxpayers’ money has always been a priority of mine.


Moving forward past COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone globally. Unfortunately, Orange County was not spared. This is a serious virus that has taken many lives and devastated small businesses that our communities rely on.

Thankfully, we have turned a corner in fighting this virus. Cases and hospitalizations are now at an all-time low. With the vaccines being widely distributed and our community having taken the proper precautions, we have reached a point where Orange County can return back to normal.

As your next supervisor, I will focus on what can be done from the county level to ensure our local communities and businesses get back on their feet after this unprecedented pandemic.

Military Veterans


Having flown 75 combat missions as a Marine Corps fighter pilot and achieving the rank of Colonel, veteran issues are personal for me.

Orange County has one of the largest veterans’ communities in the state of California. While we have outstanding support for our veterans, our county government can do more to address homelessness, mental health services and job placement assistance for our men and women who served.

We have an obligation to ensure that those who put their life on the line for the defense of our freedoms are given the best service and care. This is a top priority for me as your next supervisor.