Denouncing California’s tax and spend Democrats, Mission Viejo Mayor Greg Raths noted that “Today California’s gas tax increases by nearly six cents per gallon to more than 60 cents per gallon, making it the highest in the nation. This unnecessary boondoggle will confiscate nearly $54 billion in the next decade from hard working Californians.”

Raths noted that S.B. 1, the original measure that is now going into full effect today, was sold to voters with the promise that the monies raised would be spent to repair roads. “Of course,” Raths noted, “it will actually be spent wherever the legislature chooses to spend it, and since the liberals who run California and who seem determined to bankrupt our state, waste the majority of tax revenues trying to turn California into their version of an anti-business socialist utopia, we can little hope the promised road improvements will actually be made. Even if they are, they should have been funded by cutting spending, and not by new taxes.” Raths, who presides over a large city whose budget has been balanced every year he has served on City Council, quipped “this isn’t highway improvement, its highway robbery!”

“Of course, the Democrats in Washington want to do the same thing to our country as their Sacramento pals are doing to our fair state. Among the worst offenders in Washington is Katie Porter, the Elizabeth Warren-protégé who fluked into office last November.”

Raths, who spent 30 years in the US Marine Corps piloting combat aircraft, is running to replace Porter in Orange County’s 45th District. Until Porter’s recent election, Mission Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Hills and the other cities comprising the district had never been represented by a Democrat in Congress. “I don’t even think she wanted to be elected, but she is delivering on her campaign promises. That,” Raths said, “is precisely the problem!”

Mission Viejo, CA – 07/01/2019